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We provide personalized case evaluations, taking the time to understand your unique circumstances and build a defense tailored to your needs. We know that a successful defense requires attention to detail, tenacity, and a deep understanding of the law. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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Understanding Your Legal Charges and Possible Defense Tactics

It’s crucial to comprehend the charges against you and recognize potential defenses that could save your freedom. When it comes to violent crime charges, understanding legal technicalities is essential.

We use our experience as a former prosecutor to scrutinize and challenge the evidence against you, including whether samples were properly cared for and whether evidence was tainted. It may also be possible to challenge the prosecutor’s claims regarding your state of mind, such as assumptions of criminal motive.

Eyewitness testimony can be a powerful tool in a violent crime case, but it can also be flawed. With our long experience, we can evaluate the credibility of eyewitnesses and present evidence to contradict their testimony.

Additionally, self-defense claims may be applicable in some cases. Our firm can work to present a case for self-defense, which requires proving that you reasonably believed you were in danger of imminent harm and that you used reasonable force to protect yourself.

Evidence admissibility is another crucial aspect of a violent crime defense. Our firm can evaluate whether evidence was obtained illegally, whether it was properly handled, and whether it is relevant to the case.

Finally, plea negotiations options may be available in some cases. Our firm can evaluate the strength of the prosecution’s case and negotiate a plea agreement that could significantly reduce the charges and potential penalties against you.

Overall, understanding the charges against you and potential defenses can significantly improve your chances of a successful outcome in your violent crime case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often received FAQs regarding violent crimes.

What constitutes violent crime in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, violent crimes, generally, encompass actions where an individual inflicts bodily harm or employs threats of harm while perpetrating a crime. These offenses can be categorized as either misdemeanors or felonies, contingent upon the crime's nature and severity.

A wide range of crimes are considered violent crimes under Mississippi law. The list includes:

  1. Murder and Attempted Murder: These are considered some of the gravest offenses under the law, wherein a person intentionally causes the death of another person or makes a failed attempt to do so.
  2. Aggravated Assault: This involves intentional serious bodily harm or an attempt to cause serious harm with disregard for human life.
  3. Killing an Unborn Child: This includes any act committed with the intent to cause the death of a fetus.
  4. Manslaughter: It refers to the act of unintentionally causing the death of another person.
  5. Human Trafficking: This crime includes illegal trade of humans, primarily for forced labor or sexual exploitation.
  6. Kidnapping: It refers to the act of unlawfully confining a person against their will.
  7. Poisoning: This involves intentionally administering poison to someone with an intention to harm or kill.
  8. Sexual Battery: This refers to non-consensual sexual contact involving coercion, force, or when the victim is incapable of giving consent.
  9. Rape and Statutory Rape: Rape involves non-consensual sexual intercourse, while statutory rape refers to sexual activity where at least one person is below the age of consent.
  10. Robbery and Burglary: Robbery refers to taking someone's property by force or threat, while burglary involves unlawful entry into a building with intent to commit a crime.
  11. Carjacking: It is a robbery in which the item taken over is a motor vehicle.
  12. Drive-by Shootings or Bombing: This refers to the act of shooting or bombing from a moving vehicle with intent to harm or kill.
  13. Felonious Neglect, Abuse, or Battery of a Child: This involves severe mistreatment, neglect, or physical harm inflicted on a minor.
  14. Use of Explosives or Weapons of Mass Destruction: This crime involves the use of destructive devices, including bombs, grenades, rockets, missiles, or similar weapons to cause harm or induce fear.
  15. Shooting into a Dwelling: This crime involves the act of firing a weapon into a place where people live, like a house or apartment, with an intention to cause harm or fear.

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