DUI Third Offense – A conviction of a DUI Third makes you a convicted felon.  This occurs when you have two prior DUI convictions in the past five years. You would face a maximum fine of $5000, plus court costs and state assessments.  You would face a maximum sentence of five years in the penitentiary or jail.  Your driver’s license would be suspended for the entire length of your sentence, plus three years.

With two decades of unparalleled expertise in criminal justice, our legal firm excels in providing exceptional counsel for DUI matters. Led by a distinguished former DUI prosecutor and a highly-regarded DUI defense attorney in Mississippi, our track record of successful resolutions speaks for itself. Reach out to us at 601-207-3732 to explore your options today.

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In Mississippi, DUI offenses—encompassing drug, prescription medication, and alcohol impairment—carry some of the most severe penalties nationwide. Facing a DUI arrest could lead to criminal charges, substantial fines, and the potential loss of your driving privileges, either temporarily or permanently.

Understanding the appropriate steps to take and when to take them can significantly reduce your financial burden, limit the length of any license suspension or revocation, and help you avoid a criminal record.

That’s why partnering with a seasoned DUI attorney is essential. At The Sims Law Firm, we’re dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome tailored to your unique situation.

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